Видео: Lumintop - ODL20C Review (26650 Thrower with USB-C)

Lumintop ODL20C Flashlight Review!

Here is the all new ODL20C from Lumintop! This is great compact thrower. This also is USB rechargeable but uses a faster Type C ...

The Battle of Mini Throwers Thrunite Catapult V6 vs Lumintop ODL20c with Beamshots

This is a Head to Head Comparison of two small (Mini) pocket size throwers the Thrunite Catapult V6 and the Lumintop ODL20c.

Super Thrower Flashlight Lumitop ODL2C

Lumitop ODL2C Point blank this light is a beast for its size. XPH35 Emitter 2000 lumens punching out to 860 meters of throw Can't ...

Lumintop ODL20C | best 26550 long-thrower flashlight review

Lumintop ODL20C is definetely best 26550 long-thrower flashlight among those that i tested. my imrpession is totally positive. and ...

Lumintop ODL20C

Lumintop ODL20C Cree XHP35 HI Long throw searching light. 18650/26650 lithium 3.7-4.2volt batteries.

Lumintop ODL20C Review

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LUMINTOP ODL20C / CREE XHP35-Hi (CW) : review

LUMINTOP ODL20C / CREE XHP35-Hi レビュー。 拡散系の ODF30C に対して ODL20C は“飛び”に拘った飛び系ライト。 大口径の ...

Lumintop ODL20C review.

A quick review of the new powerful Cree XHP35 HI Lumintop ODL20C 860m thrower.


Just a small review of the lumentop ODL20C 2000 lumen with a 860 meter throw flashlight. I like the flashlight. Just a quick review ...

Farthest Throw single battery Flashlight

Comparing 9 of my best single emitter single battery Flashlights To see which one throws the farthest Acebeam EC50 Gen III ...

🔦Lumintop ODL20C - Лучший дальнобойный фонарь с алиэкспресс с 26650 питанием | полный обзор и тесты

Все купоны и промокоды к "Распродажа 328" в честь 10 дня рождения Алиэкспресс тут https://bit.ly/2IYPw0M Лучший...

Lumintop ODL20C against throw warriors

Lumintop ODL20C vs AcebeamEC60 vs Utoch UT02 vs Amutoch JM70 vs Olight M2X.

Lumintop ODL20C (XHP35-Hi, "2000" lumens)

Lumintop ODL20C (XHP35-Hi, "2000" lumens)

МОЩНЫЙ ФОНАРИК С АЛИЭКСПРЕСС Lumintop ODL20C XHP35 светодиодный фонарь

Привет. Обзор и тест светодиодного фонаря Lumintop ODL20C Купить на aliexpress http://got.by/2ndb80 20% off code: AD3RIPVY4QCX ...

Lumintop ODL20C поисковой светодиодный фонарь с USB TYPE-C зарядкой

Сегодня на обзоре и тестах поисковой фонарь Купить на aliexpress: Lumintop ODL20C - http://got.by/2oe8xi Lumintop ...

Опубликовано: 10 Мар 2019

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