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Uniform buttons served two roles, functional and decorative. They can be found on the sides of service caps, on coats and overcoats, on cuffs, on pocket flaps, on shoulder loops often called epaulettes , and on Navy shoulder marks. Each service had its distinctive buttons. The United States Army has worn a button bearing an eagle in some form continuously since about The modern style button featuring the Arms of the United States was introduced in The earliest Navy button having both an eagle and foul anchor dates from In regulations stated that the anchor should be nearly horizontal. On May 14, the Navy ordered that the head of the eagle face its right side. Buttons made prior to that date generally face left. This was done so that the button would be in accordance with the rules of heraldry, right being the side of honor.

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Here are some Civil War and post-war antique hard rubber buttons. Collectors call these “Goodyear” buttons, but this title is incorrect. Goodyear simply held the patent for a period or time and most examples carry some form of the Goodyear patent back mark. The most common company back marks to find are from: Novelty Rubber Co. During the life of the patent Charles Goodyear held rubber hardening process , all buttons made of hard rubber had to carry evidence of his patent.

There are rare back marks and errors which are highly sought by collectors of these rather utilitarian and plain looking buttons.

The Company develops the United States’ first gilt buttons, closely followed by contracts for US Army and Navy pewter shank uniform buttons which adorned.

Use the new seachable Navy button photo albums click here. At first, buttons consisted of white metal, usually with a rose in the centre. In a foul anchor surrounded by rope edging took the place of the rose and in the same device with the addition of a wreath of laurel leaves was adopted for Admirals. When the Merchant Navy started to use the foul anchor device, a crown was added for all naval officers in The same basic design remains in use today. The foul anchor device itself was first recorded in use in the seal of the Lord High Admiral of Scotland in It was subsequently adopted in the Admiralty seal and by a large number of navies throughout the world.

U.S. Navy Officer Sleeve Rank Insignia Timeline

The uniforms of the United States Navy include dress uniforms, daily service uniforms, working uniforms, and uniforms for special situations, which have varied throughout the history of the navy. For simplicity in this article, officers refers to both commissioned officers and warrant officers. The United States Navy has three categories of dress uniforms, from least to most formal: service, full, and dinner dress.

Service dress uniforms are worn for official functions not rising to the level of full or dinner dress. They are also commonly worn when traveling in official capacity, or when reporting to a command. The civilian equivalent is a business suit.

PEACOAT DATING I first became interested in vintage Navy peacoats some obvious, allow us to determine the approximate date of manufacture There were eight buttons showing on the front of the coat with small buttons.

In , Congress approved the use of the Gold Star Lapel Button as a way to recognize the families of service members who lose their lives while engaged in action against an enemy of the United States. In , the Army approved issue of the Lapel Button for the Next of Kin of Deceased Personnel to honor those who lose their lives while serving on active duty or while assigned in a Reserve or National Guard unit in a drill status.

Issue of the button is retroactive to 29 March Although they are less than an inch in size, they are packed with great meaning and emotion. They are not awards. They are symbols of honor. Here is how you can tell them apart.

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In , the U. Secretary of War the precursor to the Department of Defense issued an order outlining the required clothing for officers in the Navy. It provided a distinctive dress for the officers who would command the ships but did not include specific instructions for enlisted sailors. The usual dress of a seaman was made up of a short jacket, shirt, vest, long trousers, and a black low-crowned hat. Secretary of the Navy set the colors of the Navy’s uniforms: blue and gold.

The usual dress of a seaman was made up of a short jacket, shirt, vest, long trousers, and a black low-crowned hat. In , the U.S. Secretary of the Navy set the.

There are many interesting facts about US military uniform buttons. Here are some of those – with examples, all buttons pictured are from my collection. His book, the first book listed below, is a must for US military button collectors, as well as various other references on buttons and backmarks. David U. Air Force Military Uniform Buttons and U.

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How did the Navy get “Navy Blue? British naval officers meeting at their favorite watering hole, “Will’s Coffee House,” Scotland Yard, decided in that they would petition the Admiralty for an official uniform in order to standardize as did other navies of the day. As a result, the Admiralty asked certain officers to appear in what they considered a good design. Some liked gray with red facings and Captain Philip Saumerez is reported, by tradition, to have worn a blue uniform with while facings.

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The gold lace sleeve stripes that are the most familiar indication of naval officers’ rank were introduced to the U. Navy by the Uniform Regulation of The uniform cuffs had additional decoration of three small buttons at the rear, and a short vertical lace strip to the bottom of the cuff. The lowest officer rank, master, was indicated by three large cuff buttons rather than gold lace.

The rank stripes of were still in use when the Civil War began, but with the rapid expansion of the navy in the next year there was soon a need to account for newly authorized ranks. In 2 the system of three-quarter inch stripes was augmented by narrow quarter-inch braids, added to the existing stripes for the extra ranks. The ornamental cuff buttons and the vertical strip were eliminated.

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A work coat made of blue denim with two lower pockets and matching trousers. The sailor in the figure wears a sweater underneath for warmth, but a cotton chambray work shirt could be worn with this set in warmer conditions. Although the Navy adopted herringbone twill utility uniforms, the denim working uniform continued in production and was issued throughout the war. A general duty working uniform made of wool for the enlisted man that was worn in temperate zone weather conditions.

The “undress” designation indicated that the uniform was not meant for dress wear.

The United States Army has worn a button bearing an eagle in some form continuously since about The earliest Navy button having both an eagle and foul anchor dates from Buttons made prior to that date generally face left.

Commodities such as, agriculture and durable dry goods where often seen as easy targets for shipping predators of African Muslim states. The Barbary Coast of Africa had a history of kidnapping the crews of US merchant vessels, as well as other nations ships for ransoms. As bribery scheme to stop these high seas crimes, these barbaric muslim pirates demanded an annual lump sum ransom and often times extorted countries to pay them in advance not to do it. This was plain extortion, and stupidly other European nations paid the small ransom requests then sending out their Navies.

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A few days ago I saw a couple of my coworkers were carrying a batch of newly sewn U. I walked down the aisle containing our U. Navy uniforms, past the uniform devices, bell-bottoms, neckerchiefs, and finally to the slot labeled U. Sure, the Air Force, Marines, and Army have distinct uniforms, but for the most part they fit a similar profile.

So that gives us the earliest date the button could have been used (previously rare collector’s favorite for early American Navy buttons that depicts 13 stars.

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Recently I came across a news item where the United States Navy once again redesigned its working uniform. Over the past decade, sailors complained they did not like the blue and purple or kelp green digital camouflage uniforms issued them by the fleet, nor did they appreciate having to change uniforms to and from work — Navy regulations forbade work uniforms being seen off-base although this directive has since loosened. The new uniform is fire retardant and has the innovation that instead of buttons, it uses only velcro and zippers.

The selling point of the latter is it is perfect for the flight deck since the uniform would not be a vector for the introduction of debris into aircraft engines. Buttons no more? The button is such a commonplace item that it is taken for granted and paid not much attention. A button on a coat, shirt, or trousers is an ever-present — simple molded affair or complex construction. And yet despite being so small, the uniform button is often laden with symbolism endemic to the organization that wears it.

In the American maritime profession, British traditions hold sway and along with them British forms and configuration of a uniform with the placement and design of buttons. Below, please find my reference collection, as well as an interesting button collection at the American Merchant Marine Museum — the Dollar Lines button, is amazing. I have another page devoted to the buttons of United States Lines, here.

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